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Unfortunately I don't speak French. How can I unsubscribe my contract?

Claudia R.
Claudia R.

Claudia R.

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I ordered a SIM online and got a mail that said :"Annulation de votre command". I assumed that means it didn't work and I got a SIM from another provider. Now I got a SIM from NRJ for some reason, which I do not wish to keep. Therefore I want to cancel the contract, but I cannot find any information on that and unfortunately telephonic assistance is only available in french but since I only just moved here I do not speak french well enough for such a call yet. Thanks a lot for your help in advance.


Bonjour Claudia,

Afin de traiter votre demande, une réponse vous a été apportée sur votre adresse mail.

Bonne fin de journée.

Marie, Conseillère Assistance Mobile


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